Sunday, 6 May 2007

Ryan's 25th Birthday!!

From the Red Deer to Berrute in Flat 4 - Ryan's birthday was celebrated in style. Is too much fun ever bad for your health?

Sunday, 15 April 2007


Just a comparison. Here is the Sheffield SUPERtram map:

And here is the Melbourne Tram Map: On West St there are only 2 options for where the SUPERtram goes and yet people still look lost. I love it.

Sheffield Uni...

Here 'tis - The illustrious University of Sheffield in all its glory. A mix of dilapidated 60s era concrete and Industrialist beauty.
The Archaeology Department: It's on West St one of the main going out zones only 2 mins from where i live. Close but i'm still permanently late for every class.

The Red Deer, the real Archaeology Department. Between my flat and the lab. I reckon they would go bankrupt if Archaeology wasn't around the cornor.

One of Sheffield's unbelievably famous landmarks - unbelievable because it's one of the ugliest buildings around. The Arts Tower. Sheffield's tallest building, housing the architecture department amongst other things. What is it about architecture departments and ugly buildings? It's a Grade II heritage listed building which can't be pulled down (despite it being designed as a temporary structure). it is slowly slipping down the hill and part of it is closed due to safety issues and leaks. Perfect. For ugliness comparison here is the Architecture Department of Melbourne Uni:

Brand new - the Information Commons building just opened and beautiful with its prematurely corroded copper look. Scarily similiar to the Asia Centre at Melb. Uni. Again - why?

And finally St Georges - One of the conceptually strangest buildings in the Uni. An old abandoned Church now converted into a Lecture theatre and student accommodation with gravestones all around.

All teasing aside, it's a pretty good place to be.

Friday, 13 April 2007

Spring in Sheffield

4 weeks ago. Hail and snow.


Now Spring has sprung!

I wandered down to the Botanic Gardens the day after i got back looking for signs of life. Spring here is different. It's sudden and dramatic. After months of grey cold days and naked grey trees, Spring brings a bit of warm sunshine, green leafy buds to the trees and colour! And the birds are singing - they really twitter! I didn't realise how much i missed the bird song over winter. This may sounds silly to northern hemisphere folk but, to be honest, i've never really noticed such a dramatic change between Winter and Spring. Most Australian trees keep their leaves over winter, there's always a bit of colour in the garden and the weather gradually changes from wet and cold to dry and warm. Now i know why the English Springtime is quite famous. Thank goodness it arrived.


Just some tourist shots of Melbourne:
The city from Docklands

Old Melbourne

The coffee laneways.


Flinders St from Fed Square

Block Arcade

The Queen Vic Market. How I miss you!

North Melbourne. Home in an inner city village.

Wine and Cheese in the Yarra Valley... Bliss. This is where one day i want to grow old and relax. Under the glow of a bushfire sun.

Sunday, 18 March 2007

St Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day - House party with an Irish couple. Fun night but a killer headache the next day. Romanisation essay - how i despise thee.

Tuesday, 6 March 2007


Lunar eclipse as seen from the kitchen in Flat 29!

A nice point of distraction from writing an essay on Saturday night.

Friday, 2 March 2007

Birthday Boy!!

Guess who's 29 today!!!!!

London Pub
On the Seville Eye
Debrecen G and T in Seville

Coffee in Kew

First night in Hungary. In the pub. The calm before the storm. That's right. It's Vic's birthday - 29 years young!!!! Oh to be in the Wesley Anne for the birthday drinks!